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Secure Online Casino

Security and transparency is the prime code of conduct at Mongoose Casino. By providing transparent and secure gaming environment for our players, Mongoose Casino takes every measure to make sure your gaming experience is unhindered by any security issues.

The following are some of the measures that we use to ensure our players have a safe and secure gaming experience at Mongoose Casino


Know Your Customer (KYC)

Adhering to our strict licensing agreement and security protocol, Mongoose Casino takes various measures to make sure our customers comply with our KYC requirements. This security measure requires our players to:

  • Submit a proof of identity (government issues picture ID)

  • Submit proof of address (utility bills or bank statements)

  • Proof of your payment method (credit card image, logged in e-wallet account screenshot etc.)

The requirement of these documents works well in terms of customer security as well as complying with our legal requirements. We compulsorily require these documents to:

  • Protect our customers against frauds

  • Provide proof that our customers are over the legal gambling age of 18 years old

  • Ensure customers have provided accurate information during registration

  • Ensure the payment methods genuinely belong to the account holder

  • Prevent money laundering

  • Prevent bonus abuse

For full information, go to our Account verification page.

Full encrypted site security

We maintain the utmost level of means to ensure that all your personal data are secure with us and are not disclosed to any third party. Our website is fully SSL encrypted (Secure Socket Layer), meaning all information disclosed on our website is transmitted securely. This security protocol enables all the information input on our website (account information, credit card details etc.) are in encrypted format along with every page on our website and this prevents your information from becoming vulnerable.

SSL Web Security with EV

Mongoose Casino has been fully certified by Thawte’s SSL web security with Extended Validation, meaning all information and transactions are processed with the security of the highest order. An EV Security level provides the strongest encryption level and in order to comply with Thawte’s security requirements, MongooseCasino.com has gone through the process of validating our operations, personal identification and authenticity of our business.

Furthermore, our security system uses a 256-bit SSL encryption system, providing an extra layer of security system to ensure your information and banking transactions are kept safe and secure.

Find out more about Thawte and their SSL Web Server Certificate with EV by clicking here.

Our Ethics

Mongoose Casino holds its ethical standards very high in terms of making sure our players have the most stable, secure gaming experience while enjoying the entertainment that was originally intended. We abide with all the strict policies that ensure a safe and secure gaming environment to all our players that include the absolute prevention of under-age gambling and any potential gambling disorders.

Preventing Problem Gambling

At Mongoose Casino, gambling is intended to resolute as a form of entertainment and nothing more. We identify the potential negative issues related to gambling disorders and take all measure to make sure our players do not experience such issues while playing at Mongoose Casino. As part of our willingness to prevent such negative aspects of gambling, we have taken measures such as setting deposit limits, player lock outs and identifying any addictive gambling patterns to take suitable measures and prevent any long term negative effects on players. To learn more on our position on preventing problem gambling, go to our Responsible Gaming page.

Legality, Licensing and Compliance

To ensure that we stand by all our ethical conduct related to online gaming, a government authority monitors all our activities and conducts. Mongoose Casino is registered and licensed with the Government of Curacao and holds license no. …… Under this license, Mongoose Casino agrees to comply with all the rules and regulations of the authority in relation to security, ethics and transactions. The jurisdiction closely monitors and audits our activities and ensures all our financial and non-financial transactions meet their rules and regulations.

Dispute Resolution

Mongoose Casino is always on the forefront when it comes to resolving any dispute on the customer’s end. In the case of any dispute and misconduct, our operators hold an in-depth investigation to resolve the issue. As operators, we go to all extents of making sure any disputes or misconducts are resolved in an unbiased manner, complying with the regulations set by our jurisdiction. We also involve 3rd party external intermediaries to resolve disputes between the parties involved.


To enhance our customers’ confidence in the soundness of our gaming platform, Mongoose Casino has our systems, algorithms and practices available for inspection and review by independent auditors on a regular basis. Using state of the art technology through well-established, recognized partner providers, we are transparent in how we conduct our business and audited on a regular basis.


Mongoose Casino is licensed and authorised by the Government of Curacao and operates under license number – (to go here). Through our internal operational protocol and infrastructure, we ensure that all of the high standards required within our licencing agreement are met. Mongoose Casino also makes sure we abide by the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction within which we do business.

Audit Trails

Mongoose Casino retains detailed transaction records of all financial transactions as well as game play history. These records are securely archived and are accessible to the customer, any legitimate gaming commission, or government authority upon formal request. Aside from this, our group of companies is audited and reviewed annually as with standard business practice.

Payout percentage reviews

As part of our upfront and transparent philosophy, Mongoose Casino is audited on a monthly basis by 3rd party independent auditors, to ensure that our payout rates are industry standard and giving a fair deal to our customers. This is performed by eCOGRA who are well-known, established auditors who perform the same checks across many different gaming operations throughout the world.

Click on the below badge for verification of Mongoose Casino.com with eCOGRA.

Mongoose Casino eCogra verified

Find out more about eCOGRA by clicking here.

No download casino

Non Download Casino

Identifying the fact that the risk of virus and malware has escalated with the development of the worldwide web, Mongoose Casino offers all its casino games and functions directly through your web browser. This enables no third party contents to be downloaded in your desktop which ensures that the risk of any exposure of virus or spyware onto your compute is significantly reduced.

Mongoose Casino requires absolutely no download from the very beginning meaning players can register, deposit, play casino games, win and withdraw directly from the safety of their web browsers.