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Terms and Conditions

Mongoose Casino Terms and ConditionsWhenever players use our services, they agree to set stipulations that comply with our security and conduct code. Our terms and conditions affect your legal rights as well as ours. Our terms and conditions are guidelines to the acceptable behavior of both the players and the casino and all our transactions need to comply with these stipulations of the casino. Go to Mongoose Casino terms and conditions page.


Mongoose Casino FAQAs with any site, there are numerous questions that circulated quite commonly and at Mongoose Casino, we have listed all the frequently asked questions that our players commonly ask. It becomes a lot quicker to answer any common doubts or confusion through our FAQ page. Go to Mongoose Casino FAQ page.

Account Verification

Mongoose Casino account verificationAs part of our security and player authentication process, players must follow our standard procedure of account verification by submitting certain documents to the casino, especially when making withdrawals. Players may be requested to present these documents as per the operator’s requirements, to ensure full disclosure, safety and security. Go to the Mongoose Casino Account Verification page to find out more.

System Requirements

Mongoose Casino System requirementsWhile all functions and services at Mongoose Casino are accessible directly through your web browser, players would still need to fulfill basic system requirements to ensure they have flawless user experience. These requirements constitute of minimum requirements on both the user’s computer and the internet. Find our more on Mongoose Casino’s system requirements page.

Casino Glossary

Mongoose Casino glossaryThe ever developing world of online gaming continues to grow and every now and then, there are terms which are used to represent important aspects of online casinos. With so many specific terminologies that pertain to vital issues during gameplay and your casino account, it is important that we educate players, especially newbies to various casino glossaries. Learn all important terminologies of the online casino world in our Casino Glossary page.

Mobile Casino

Mongoose Casino Play MobileMongoose Casino has dedicated a separate platform for players who wish to test their luck on a mobile or tablet device. Mongoose Casino mobile enables our players to have to pay their favourite online casino game on Mongoose Casino on mobile which features all major functions of the casino in a mobile compatible format. Go to our Mongoose Casino Mobile page for more information.