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Online Casino Glossary

To enjoy a smooth gaming experience, it is essential that players, especially newbies become familiar with terms used commonly in online casinos and during gameplay. This page lists all the terms that we players will frequently encounter when interacting with Mongoose Casino.

Online casino glossary


Bankroll: The cash amount available in the account players use to bet on games

Bet: To place an amount on a game with expectation of a possible return

Bonus: An additional amount that the casino offers players to bet with

Cash back: A loyalty program that reimburses a certain amount to players. Click here for more on Mongoose Casino cash back program.

Comps: Points gathered by players through various casino activities which can be later exchanged for prizes

Deposit: To fund additional amounts to player cash account

Even money: A payout or win amount that is equal to the amount bet

High Roller: A player who placed big bets and takes big risks to win big

License: A certificate that ensures that the all services of the casino follow set regulations set by an authorized jurisdiction, which monitors and audits all functions of the casino

Loyalty Programs:A scheme that incentivizes and offers promotions according to player wager and loyalty

No deposit bonus: A bonus that players can claim without depositing funds into their account

Operators: A company that controls and manages all functions of the casino. Mongoose Casino is operated by EmuGroup ltd.

Payout: The average return that is expected from a game

Promotions: Cash or non-cash incentives offered by the online casino to new or existing players.

Session: The time duration that a player spends playing a casino game

Sign in: To log into your account play perform functions such as play games, deposit or withdraw as a real money player

Sign Up: To create a new account and register with the casino

Software clients: A company that develops and supplies online casino games to online casinos

Stake: A single wager amount placed on a casino game

VIP club: Tier levels setup for loyal players that allow and unlock more incentives and benefits

Wagering Requirements: A stipulation attached to bonus amounts that need to be fulfilled in order to make the bonus withdrawable. Learn more about Mongoose Casino wagering requirements here.

Welcome bonus: A bonus amount offered by the casino for the first deposit.

Withdrawal: To draw out cash from the cash balance maintained by the player.

Online Slot terms

1024 ways: A slot game with 5 reels and 4 rows where identical symbols on adjacent reels pay.

243 ways: A slot game with 5 reels and 3 rows where identical symbols on adjacent reels pay.

3D slot: A type of slot game that displays 3D images and animations as graphics.

Bet levels: No. of coins of a set value.

Bet max: Play with the maximum number of coins possible.

Bonus features: Special pays that slot games offer apart from regular symbol payouts.

Bonus games: A game within a slot game which is triggered by bonus symbols and takes you to a second screen and win bonus credits.

Branded games: Slot games that follow a popular, globally recognised theme, storyline or characters whose rights are owned by a third party.

Classic slot: A traditional pub-style 3 reel slot that uses old-skool slot symbols.

Coin values: The denomination of a single coin in a slot game.

Credits: The cash balance that is immediately available for a stake.

Free spins: A bonus feature in a slot game that offers free spins for the initially placed bet.

Gamble feature: A bonus feature that allows players to gamble their recent win to double or in some cases quadruple their recent win amount.

Jackpot: The biggest single payout available in a particular slot game.

Multipliers: A bonus that multiplies a win amount to reward your final pay.

Paylines: A pattern that runs through the reels on which symbols must land for a payout.

Payout: The coins or credits players win after a winning combination is spun.

Paytable: A table that shows the payouts for each symbol and displays information about the slot game.

Progressive: A jackpot that increases in amount as players wager on the selected game.

Reels: The columns on the game where symbols spin.

Scatter symbols: Symbols that do not need to land on a specific payline or a pattern for a payout.

Spin: To trigger the reels to spin and stop at a random position.

Symbols: The icons on the reels that are need to arrange on specific positions in order to pay.

Theme: The genre that the slot game displays through the title, graphics and sound effects.

Video slot: A slot game that has 5 reels and displays regular 2D graphics.

Wild symbols: A symbol that is able to substitute itself for any other symbol to create a winning combination.


Ante bet: The initial chip that players stake before the cards are dealt.

Blackjack: An initial two card combination of an Ace and a Ten, Jack, Queen or King which leads to an automatic win.

Bust: A situation when the player’s card total goes over 21 and he automatically forfeits the hand.

Chips: Tokens that are used to place bets on a blackjack table.

Dealer: The virtual person who represents the house and deals the cards.

Double Down: Placing a bet equal to the original stake for an additional card.

Face Cards: The Jack, Queen or King card which have a value of 10 in Blackjack.

Face Value: The original value of the card.

Hit: To force the dealer to deal an additional card.

Insurance: A bet that the player has the option to place in case of the dealer having an Ace as an Up Card. Insurance wins pay 2:1 if the dealer has a blackjack.

Push: A situation where the dealer and the player have the same card total and all bets are reimbursed.

Shoe: A device in which cards are shuffled and dealt.

Split: An action that creates two independent hands from a single 2 identical card hand.

Stand: A command to end your turn and trigger the dealer’s turn.

Surrender: To forfeit your hand and subsequently forfeit half your ante bet.

Up Card: The dealer’s card that is faced up and can be seen by the player.

Other Casino terms

American Roulette: A Roulette game with a total of 38 numbers (00, 0-36) on the roulette wheel.

Column bets: To bet that the ball will land on one of the numbers within one of the three sets of columns on the roulette table.

Discard: To reject cards from the first five hand poker combination and draw new ones.

Draw: To replace the held cards in a video poker hand with new cards.

European Roulette: A Roulette game with a total 37 numbers, (0-36) on the roulette wheel.

Even/Odds: A bet type in roulette where players bet on whether the ball lands on an even or odd number. Payout 1:1.

French Roulette: A game of Roulette in which there are 37 numbers on the wheel and which consist of extra bets rather than just inside and outside bets.

Inside bets: The betting area on the Roulette table that is covered by numbers.

Joker card: A wild card in video poker that is able to replace for any other card.

Outside bets: The betting area on the Roulette that surrounds the numbers that include categoies.

Red/Black: A common bet type in roulette where players place bets on whether the ball lands on a red number or black number.

Roulette Table: The table on which players place their bets on a Roulette game.

Roulette Wheel: The wheel on which the croupier drops the ball after all bets are placed on the Roulette table.

Row bets: To bet that the ball will land on one of the numbers falling within one of three sets of rows on the roulette table.