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Play Virtual Sports Online

Listed above are all of our Virtual Sports casino games available at Mongoose Casino in a no download instant play mode. Players can place wager on their favourite sports, their favourite team or club and enjoy multiple odds on each match. To play, simply click on the image or Play button and enjoy the game directly on your web browser.

Play online virtual sports

While online casino games are immensely fun and a big portion is covered with conventional slots, blackjacks and more, Mongoose Casino delivers virtual sports for the sports fanatic. Virtual sports deliver a realistic betting scenario with betting slips and hundreds of odds and game simulation.

Bet on your favourite sport tournament

Virtual sports casino games at Mongoose Casino host a wide range of sports including global sports like football, rugby, in-ring fights and horse racing. The gameplay is very similar to any bookmaker with upcoming games listed on the forefront with 1 x 2 bets are the primary and the addition of other bet options in each game. Players have options of outrights, win margins, cup winners, tournament winners and more.

Bet on the biggest football national teams for a win or support your favourite rugby club and place a wager. In addition players can also look up match history,

results, upcoming weekly matches and more; just like your real-life fixtures.

Once the match starts, players can cheer on their team as a realistic virtual simulation of the game is witnessed. Players also have the option for skipping the game play simulation and going straight to results. Players receive payouts based on the win odds of their bet and wins are added immediately to their account.

Don’t miss out the sporting action at Mongoose Casino and play our online virtual sports casino games today!