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Mongoose Casino – About Us

Derived and inspired from the roots of the ancient Tibetan belief of Feng Shui and the holy Mongoose, we introduce to you Mongoose Casino.


What is Mongoose Casino?

Mongoose Casino is an online casino that offers online casino games and services; all in a no download instant play mode directly via your internet browser, from any location and on any device.

As an international casino brand catering to casino enthusiasts all over, Mongoose Casino ensures that our service caters to players from all regions, including a wide range of banking facilities and currency options, over 500 online casino games to match the preference of any player and bonuses to confirm that players get more of their money’s worth. Our operators have mixed all facilities together and tied them up with trust and security which ensures that all your information is kept safe, all monetary transactions are secure and all casino games are fair.

Mongoose Casino offers a wide plethora of casino games to choose from including online slot games, card games like online blackjack, table games like online roulette, player favourites like video poker and other games such as scratch cards, arcade games, baccarat, bingo and online keno. All this with a customer support team that is more than willing to aid players in every step guarantees a fun and enjoyable online gaming experience at Mongoose Casino.

Mongoose Casino Mobile

In order to facilitate our player’s need for easy access, Mongoose Casino offers its casino services on portal mobile and tablet devices as well. Our mobile compatible website ensures the delivery of a friendly user interface where players can easily register, deposit, and claim bonuses, enjoy top quality casino games and withdraw their winnings. Learn more about Mongoose Casino Mobile here.

So Why a Mongoose?

The animal Mongoose has been associated with money and wealth since time immemorial, as per Tibetan Buddhism and we wanted to originate our brand on that very note. The entire world is fascinated with Eastern philosophy and ranking high among this is the concept of Feng Shui which considers Mongoose as an auspicious animal and primarily focuses on bringing prosperity, luck, happiness and wealth; few words that sum up the idea behind Mongoose Casino.


It is believed that the Mongoose harnesses wealth, prosperity and luck and we identify that Mongoose Casino would be the same. A traditional statue of a mother Mongoose happily resting on top of a pile of coins as her babies surround her perfectly represents the intended concept and with this thought and perception, we have chosen the Mongoose as the front face of our casino.