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Our Business and Vision

Our Mission

We aspire to be a market leader within the online gaming industry and to always put the customer first with a transparent and responsible approach to how we operate. You can find out more about our responsible gaming policies here. On top of this we also wish to create a unique entertainment destination that will appeal to the hearts and minds of our customers by enabling technical excellence, exceptional customer service and market leading gameplay innovation.

You can check out some of our customer feedback and testimonials here.

Our Brand Values

The values below are part of every aspect of our brand and business. We embrace each of these values as fundamentals in building and providing a service that is constantly developing to achieve the best user experience for all of our customers.

  • Excellence

  • Integrity

  • Clarity

  • Passion

  • Individuality

  • Style

  • Entertainment

  • Luck

Bringing a luck of wealth and fortune to gaming

The animal Mongoose is well associated with luck and prosperity in the ancient Chinese belief of Feng Shui. We have started this casino on a positive foot step right from the name, and our vision is set to offering players with a flawless online gaming service added with great bonuses and promotions which might just be lucky enough for you.

This follows our overall vision of being a market leader within the industry, offering the latest innovations in user experience, giving the players a great overall experience.