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Multislot Games at Mongoose Casino

Multislot Gaming has one of the most impressive collection of slots that you’ll find anywhere, so adding Multislot Gaming to Mongoose Casino’s list of providers is essential in expanding the range of themes and bonuses offered on its slot games.

Who are Multislot Gaming?

Although they were founded relatively recently in 2009, Multislot Gaming’s management team bring to the table decades of experience. MultiSlot ltd is the company responsible for Multislot software and is incorporated and licensed by Isle of Man.


Why choose Multislot?

Multislot has perhaps one of the most impressive collection of slot games, encompassing a wide range of themes featuring a variety of innovative bonus features. The overall vibe of Multislot games is characterized by cheerfulness and playfulness, as can be seen by their frequent use of bright and vibrant colours. Moreover, Multislot also develops a wide range of table games as well as video poker games. It’s not hard to see why Mongoose Casino is proud to have them on board!

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