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RabCat Games at Mongoose Casino

RabCat specializes in delivering gaming software at a premium level quality. While they may not have a huge number of game at their disposal, they more than make for it by delivering high quality and limited games. Mongoose Casino will thus benefit from having RabCat, since players who are into quality or quantity will be greatly satisfied.

Who are RabCat Gaming?

Established in 2001 and based in Vienna, RabCat is known for providing the finest quality of premium games. RabCat is a part of win2day, which is a gaming platform based under the managements of Australian Lotteries and Casinos Austria AG. RabCat places emphasis on quality rather than quantity and boast an impressive quality standard that rivals that of any other provider.


Why RabCat Gaming?

As mentioned previously, RabCat Gaming focuses on quality over quantity and as such, will please players who look for world-class premium gaming experience rather than a wide selection.

RabCat places emphasis on perfecting the visual design of its games and well as maintaining strong IP’s. Its collection of limited games is second to none and Mongoose Casino will benefit greatly from incorporating RabCat games into its library.