Use Flexepin Vouchers to deposit in your Mongoose Casino account

Players will now be able to make instant deposits using Flexepin vouchers without using any debit/credit cards or ewallets. Flexepin is a member of the Novatti Group and is managed by Flexewallets in Australia, Europe and UK.

There are now thousands of outlets scattered globally where players can purchase these prepaid Flexepin vouchers. Players may locate their nearest Flexepin sales outlet and learn how to purchase flexepin vouchers and how to use them to add funds to their Mongoose Casino accounts in only a few simple steps by visiting our Deposit using Flexepin page.


Thanks to Flexepin vouchers, Mongoose Casino players will be able to make deposits instantly into their Mongoose Casino accounts on both desktop and mobile.

Below we present two sections regarding Flexepin vouchers:

Obtaining Flexepin Vouchers:

  • The most expedient way to obtain a Flexepin voucher is to visit the Flexepin store closest to you, click here click here to locate the nearest Flexepin store nearest to you and exchange cash for a voucher.

  • The following voucher denominations are available for purchase: £20, £30, £50, £100, £300 and £500.
  • Within the voucher is a unique 16-19 security code that you can enter when you wish to make online payments.
  • You may also buy additional vouchers using the above method.
  • Now obtained, you may use your voucher to make online payments or make deposits into your Mongoose Casino account.

How to deposit using Flexepin?

  • Log into your Mongoose Casino account and select ‘Deposit’ on the top right side of your screen

  • From the list of payment methods, select ‘Flexepin’ within prepaid card.

  • Now, you may choose a welcome bonus on your first three deposits. Note: this is optional.

  • Now you may select one of the welcome bonus amounts provided on the list or you may enter one manually. The minimum amount that you may deposit into your account using Flexepin is $20 and the maximum deposit possible that you can make on a pre-verified account is £20 and the maximum deposit possible that you can make on a pre-verified account is £5.

  • Your Mongoose Casino account will immediately display your deposit once your payment has been processed.


Note that players are not able to make withdrawals on their casino funds through Flexepin. Withdrawals can be made through Bank Transfers, however, for more information on Bank Transfer Cash outs, click here.