Responsible Gaming

Know you Limits – Set your Limits!

As avid promoters of responsible gambling, Mongoose Casino always takes steps to ensure that our offers are used purely for purposes of entertaining rather than as a way to make money or to satisfy gambling addictions, which have a potential to lead to financial and social issues on a personal level.

Mongoose Casino takes all the possible measures within our reach to prevent compulsive usage and underage access of our product. Thus, we feel the need to make clear the dangers of problem gambling below.


Problem Gambling

In a general sense, problem gambling can be identified by the way in which it tends to adversely affect your life day-to-day, as well as your overall behavior. Problem, or compulsive gambling has the potential to affect people of any demographic group, regardless of age, income, occupation or cultural background.

Please take some time to answer the questions posed below. If your answer is in the affirmative to most or all of them, then you may very well be suffering from a gambling addiction.

  • Have you ever skipped work or other chores because of gambling?

  • Have you ever criticized yourself for gambling?

  • Have you lost interest or ignored family, friends or loved ones because of gambling?

  • Have you used money for something else on gambling?

  • Have you borrowed or stolen some money to use in gambling?

  • Do you feel you need to recover any lost gambling amount immediately and gambled more?

  • Do you gamble until you lose all your money?

  • Do you get angry and frustrated when you gamble?

  • Do you get angry or frustrated when you do not gamble?



  • Gambling should be viewed purely from the standpoint of entertainment and leisure rather than as a legitimate way of making money.

  • Check your transaction history and activity statement frequently. This can be done by going to player settings and selecting History. This helps you check if you have spent more time playing than you realized.

  • Set limits on the amount of money and time you spend and adhere to it.

  • There is a deposit limit tool in the ‘My Account’ section that you can use to regulate the amount you spend.

  • If it comes to it, you may lock yourself out of Mongoose Casino by using the self-exclusion tool located in the ‘My Accounts’ section.

If you find that you must take some of the steps outlined above, we strongly recommend that you seek professional help immediately. Below we list support groups that specialize in treating gambling addictions:

Support groups

If you find that you have answered ‘yes’ to most of the questions posed earlier, we highly recommend that you seek help and advice from one of the organizations listed below.

  • Gamstop

    Gamstop is a national self-exclusion facilitator for players from United Kingdom where players can register, upon which players will be automatically be self-excluded from all the UKGC licensed operators registered with Gamstop. Mongoose Casino is a participating operator with Gamstop and your registration with Gamstop will automatically enable us to take into action various restrictions on your player account. For full information on how to register with Gamstop and the restrictions placed as a consequence on Mongoose Casino, click here.

  • GamCare

    GamCare is a charity organization setup in 1997 which offers a variety of services related to problems gambling, including counseling and more importantly, prevention. Players who are able to recognize themselves as having issues with compulsive gambling or even the symptom are able to seek help as GamCare offers supports, treatments and advise.

  • GambleAware

    GambleAware is a commissioning body in UK that has its prime objective of researching, educating and treating the effects of problem gambling. With their large and notable contribution towards understanding the harm related to gambling, players who want to seek more information about the symptoms of being a compulsive gambler and the harm that it might cause should seek the support of GambleAware.

  • National Gambling Helpline 08088020 133

    The National Gambling Helpine is setup by the organisations aforementioned to seek confidential and specialist support for players in UK. Players are urged to contact this number if they even have a hint that their gambling behavior is turning compulsive. Players who seek additional information related to problem gambling are also able to contact the helpline to increase and spread awareness of gambling related issues.

  • Gamblers Anonymous UK

    We understand that there are some players who feel the embarrassment to share and seek help on issues related to compulsive gambling. Gamblers Anonymous UK is a fellowship that allows players to share their experience with other players with similar issues. Gamblers Anonymous UK regularly holds confidential gatherings where players with such experiences come together to solve their common problem and help others who may require consultation and hope.

We clearly recognize and take seriously the potential negative effects of playing online casino games, and so we have taken measures to uphold our strict ethical standards regarding problem gambling.

Gamstop self-exclusion

If you are considering self-exclusion, you may wish to register with GAMSTOP.

GAMSTOP is a free service that enables you to self-exclude from participating online gambling companies licensed in Great Britain.

To find out more and to sign up with GAMSTOP please visit

Time Outs and Cool Offs

Players are able to opt for a cool off period ranging from 1 Day to 42 Days. During this period players will not be allowed to log in into their account, even on special requests. The account will be automatically reactivated after the end of the Cool-off period.

Players can further put a temporary self exclusion for an elongated period by locking themselves out of their account for a minimum of 6 months, up to 5 years.

Permanent exclusion

Players can opt for Permanent Exclusion in the case of which their account will be permanently inaccessible. Players are able to request for a Permanent Exclusion to our Customer Support team via live chat or email. Once players are self-excluded from Mongoose Casino, it is irreversible and their account cannot be accessed at any point in the future. All monetary and non-monetary activities including logging into your account will be restricted indefinitely when a player is permanently excluded from Mongoose Casino.


Financial Limits

This function in account settings allows players to set limits on the amount that they are allowed to deposit. Simply select ‘Set a deposit limit’ under ‘Limits’ of your Accounts section, and set the amount in $ and the number of days you wish for this control mechanism to remain in effect. Players can set 3 types of financial limits; Deposit Limit, bet limit and loss limit.

Reality Checks

Players can set a reminder during their game play session (only applicable to Microgaming games), on certain intervals to notify them on how long they’ve been playing. They can set this under the Limits option on their Player settings and set a minimum reality check timing interval of 10 minutes. This reminder will reset after every notification and will repeat until players update their Reality Check Status.


Players can also find more information regarding the terms and conditions of the measures we take to support responsible gaming in our Terms and Conditions page.


No Underage Gambling

We take the issue of underage gambling very seriously at Mongoose Casino and we take steps to verify that players are of legal age. We do this by requiring that players provide all of the official documentation including government-issued IDs with official pictures and date of birth. Failure to provide the aforementioned document will result in a suspension of the player’s account, without players being able to withdraw any of their deposits.

IMPORTANT: Anyone under the legal age of 18 caught playing on the site will have all of their winnings seized and will be reported to law enforcement.


To ensure that underage children are safe from gambling related sites when accessing the internet, in school or at home, guardians are able to apply appropriate levels of filtering if deemed required.

Mongoose Casino fully supports the notion that underage gambling should be fully restricted in all measures possible. With this key responsibility in mind, we have listed various third party sites and software applications which assist in applying various levels of filtration, protection and parental control.

Mongoose Casino fully permits guardians to make use of these applications and sites to ensure that their underage children avoid gambling and gambling related websites. Some service providers that offer web guardian facilities include:

  • Qustodio

  • Qustodio offers monitoring tools and other parental controls to limit or block inappropriate content while browsing the internet. This paid software allows parents to control applications and games as well as learn about their child’s internet usage.

  • Net Nanny

  • Net Nanny is a paid and downloadable parental control software that assists parents to monitor the content accessed by their children in real-time. It functions as an internet filter every time a web page is loaded to remove inappropriate content and protects children from dangerous content.

  • Smooth Wall

  • Smoothwall is a similarly purposed application that provides parents a filtering tool to safeguard their home and children. The Smoothwall solution provides a seamless filtering option to monitor the children’s screen time and comes in various packages.