Terms and Conditions

Mongoose Casino Terms and ConditionsThe terms and conditions at Mongoose Casino are a set of rules and guidelines that legally binds both the users of our services and us on the code of conduct. When players use our services, they need to agree to the set of stipulations that comply with our security standards and regulations which clear mention the acceptable behaviours of the players as well as ours. All financial and non-financial transactions between the casino and the players follow these conditions. Go to Mongoose Casino terms and conditions page now.


Mongoose Casino FAQFor all our site users and players, we have has compiled a list of common questions that frequently circulate and answered them in our FAQ page. This page intends to quickly answer any common doubts and questions that players may have regarding our gaming services, bonuses, promotions, banking, licenses and operations. This page will also lead you to any specific information or help page which may answer your question in further details. Click here to go to our Frequently Asked Questions page in Mongoose Casino.

Account Verification

Mongoose Casino account verificationAt Mongoose Casino we put great emphasis on security and as part of this, we require players to follow a set of standard procedures. KYC or Know your customer is an account verification process that helps us with player authentication, and to ensure that all your withdrawals are credited to the correct player account. This requires players to submit certain documents to the casino so we can verify the player and their credentials, to ensure full transparency and security of the players. For more information, go to our Account Verification page.

System Requirements

Mongoose Casino System requirementsWhile players are able to enjoy all the online casino games along with other functions at Mongoose Casino directly on their web browser, without the requirement of downloading any software applications, players would still be required to fulfil some basic system requirements to ensure faultless user experience. These system requirements may entail to minimum requirements on both the player’s device and their internet connection. For more information, go to our Mongoose Casino System Requirements page.

Casino Glossary

Mongoose Casino glossaryThere are few terminologies that are associated with various aspects of online gaming and we’d like our players to be familiar with these terms so they can focus on what matters most; Playing and enjoying responsibly. These terms may be part of the gameplay itself or the player accounts or even bonuses and promotions. We’ve compiled a list of important and common online casino terminologies which can help our layers, especially Newbies get right into the casino lingo. Learn all the important terminologies of the online casino industry in our Casino Glossary page.

Mobile Casino

Mongoose Casino Play MobileWe understand that playing at Mongoose Casino can be great fun and you wouldn’t want to miss out on your favourite casino games when you feel luck surging around yourself. Mongoose Casino offers all important functions and all the top casino games on mobile and tablet devices ensuring that players can perform all the major functions on the go. The entire casino site has been make mobile and tablet compatible to ensure flawless user experience. Find out more on Mongoose Casino Mobile here.