Account verification

So why do I need to submit documents?

As part of the KYC (Know Your Customer) framework for our security protocol here at Mongoose Casino, we require players to provide documents for the purpose of verifying their identities. This helps maintain the security and integrity of our casinos in the following three ways: this allows us to ensure that players are above the legal age for gambling (18 years old), that players’ transactions are made to original account owner, and that the verification documents submitted are authentic and meet our requirements for transparency and confidentiality.


How to verify your account and how long is the process

Getting your account verified on Mongoose Casino, although mandatory before you can make any withdrawals, is a quick and straightforward process and involves the steps outlined below:

To verify your account, follow the steps below:

  • Log into your account
  • Go to your account setting and click on Documents
  • Select the type of documents to upload
  • Browser your device and click on upload.

Submitting the documents takes no longer than a few minutes. Submitted documents are processed by our Security Team within a maximum of 24 hours however processing over the weekend may take longer.We will confirm that we have received your documents after you have submitted them.

Players need to verify their accounts by uploading documents within 72 hours of making their deposit. In compliance with our license, if players have not verified their account within the given timeframe, we have the right to freeze your account, or restrict you from placing any further bets until the verification is completed. In addition, if players make a deposit of £2,500 or more, they are required to complete their account verification within 72 hours of their first deposit.

For full details on our KYC conditions, go to our terms and conditions page.

What documents do I need to submit for verification?

The documents that we require of you are needed to verify that the information that you have provided us during the registration process and during payment is truthful. To this end, we will require to following 3 documents:


A National ID Card, Passport, driver’s license or social security card that contains a picture ID issued by the government that clearly shows your full name and date of birth.

Proof of Address

A bank statement, utility bill or official letter that clearly shows your home address and is no older than 3 months. We will compare this address with the one provided during the registration process to see if they match.

Deposit method

A document or picture that provides evidence of your ownership of the deposit method that you will use to fund your account with

, for example, a screenshot of your e-wallet account (logged in).

If you later decide to switch to a new payment method, you will be required to undergo the same verification process, including submitting another document. .

Credit/Debit cards

If you wish to transact with your Mongoose Casino account using a debit or credit card, you will be required to provide an image of the front side of your credit card with only the first 6 and last 4 numbers on the card visible. The full name on the card along with the expiry / valid thru date needs to be clearly visible in the image.


Tips on uploading documents

For the verification process to progress with maximum speed and efficiency, please make sure that all of your documents and contents therein, including pictures, are as clear as possible. Furthermore, please make sure that the file containing your documents does not exceed 2MB in size and are in either JPEG, PNG, or PDF format.

Also, when taking a picture of your documents, make you that you do so with sufficient lighting that at a squared angle that leaves the entire document visible.

We provide some examples below of do’s and don’ts:


The image must be clear and sharp to allow us to read the details


The document must be fully visible, with no corners cut and in colour


All personal data must be readable and not covered at all.


How do I know its approval or rejection?

Although we typically approve of the majority of documents sent to us, below lists certain reasons for which your documents may be rejected:

  • The submitted document was not clear or fully understandable
  • The documents were not as per our requirements
  • The documents were not issued by a reliable authority

We will notify players of the acceptance or rejection of their submitted documents by email. However, you may check on the status of your documents by seeing the colour-coded traffic lights in your account section. The 3 possible colours of these traffic lights, red, yellow, and green, serve to signify the following:

  • Red for required meaning the document stull has not been submitted
  • Yellow for pending meaning the document is in the process of verification
  • Green meaning the particular document has been approved.

You may notice a green check mark under your account status, under profile settings, which indicates that your submitted documents have been approved.