Djokovic Prevails In Record Wimbledon Final

Jul 17, 2019 by

Novak Djokovic claimed his fifth Wimbledon title by defeating Roger Federer in the longest ever final.

The Serbian world number one prevailed 7-6 (7-5) 1-6 7-6 (7-4) 4-6 13-12 (7-3), in four hours 57 minutes on centre court when it looked like he was down and out in the fifth set.

Federer passed up two Championship points on his own serve at 8-7 and was made to rue that drop of serve as Djokovic won the fifth set tie-breaker at 12-12, the first of its kind at Wimbledon.

The 32-year-old said afterwards that he had to draw on all his mental reserves to eke out victory against the eight-time champion.

“Mentally this was different level,” he said.

“It was probably the most demanding, mentally most demanding, match I was ever part of.

“It was a huge relief in the end. You work for, you live for these kind of matches.

“They give sense and they give value to every minute you spend on the court training and working to get yourself in this position and play the match with one of your greatest rivals of all time.”

He credited mental training and visualisation with helping him through what was an epic contest in London.

“I always try to imagine myself as a winner. I think there is a power to that,” he said.

“Also there has to be, next to the willpower, strength that comes not just from your physical self, but from your mental and emotional self.

“For me, at least, it’s a constant battle within, more than what happens outside.”It’s really not the situations that you experience that are affecting you, but how you internally experience those situations, how you accept them, how you live through them.”

Having been edged out in such narrow fashion, Federer admitted he didn’t know how to feel after an energy sapping encounter.

He said: “It’s hard to tell. I don’t know if losing 2-2-2 feels better than this one. At the end it actually doesn’t matter to some extent.

“You might feel more disappointed, sad, over-angry. I don’t know what I feel right now.

“I just feel like it’s such an incredible opportunity missed, I can’t believe it. It is what it is, you know.”

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