Blackjack Players Choice Table Game

Blackjack fans are in for a real treat!

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    Blackjack Players Choice Table Game

    Blackjack Player’s Choice delivers traditional blackjack but with a heightened element of strategy. You will be presented with 5 possible hands to select from in order to beat the dealer’s hand without busting (obtaining a card valued at over 21). Blackjack Player’s Choice will appeal to players who enjoy the core ruleset and gameplay of traditional Blackjack but who are looking for an added level of strategy into the mix.

    Blackjack Player’s Choice features the same basic ruleset as traditional blackjack, which is to get a card value that is higher than that of the dealer without exceeding 21, which would be considered a bust. Blackjack Player’s Choice uses a single-hand deck along with 8 standard decks. There are the traditional Blackjack Hit, Stand, Win and Bust options. The main twist is where you must decide on which cards and the dealer gets.

    To begin, you will have place an ante bet using the navigation bar at the bottom. Once you have chosen chips as the ante bet, you will have to choose 1 of the 5 sets of cards presented downward on the table. Once you have chosen a set, you can decide whether to keep that card set and then select one for the dealer or to reject that set.

    Note that the minimum and maximum chip values are 0.1 and 100, respectively. Moreover, the minimum and maximum total bets are 0.10 and 200.00, respectively. Also note that the maximum amount that you win in Blackjack Player’s Choice is 300 and that the Return to Player is 98.37%.

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