Cribbage Table Game

Nothing like a game of good old fashioned Cribbage!

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    Cribbage Table Game Review

    All you Cribbage fans out there will feel right at home with this Classic cribbage game made available to be played in instant play format directly from your mobile or web browser on Mongoose Casino. While classic Cribbage is simple to play, it is also highly customizable.

    Cribbage is played using one 52 card deck that is reshuffled for each game. The gameplay of Cribbage is fairly easy to get the hang of: to begin with, place a bet by choosing a desired chip value and then moving it to the table. Once you have decided on your total bet by selecting the chips, select ‘deal’ to initiate the game. Note that the numbered cards are valued according to the numbers displayed on those cards, the face cards (King, Queen and Jack) are valued as 10s and Aces count as 1s.

    The main goal in Cribbage is to obtain a higher score than that of these dealer, at which point the game pays 1:1. If your score winds up being equal to that of the dealer, than the game is a tie and counts as a Push (where your bet amount is returned to you). Note also that the maximum amount that you can win in this game is 400 and that the Return to Player (RTP) is 97.20%.

    Cribbage also features a Sum to 15, Straight, Flush, Pairs and For His Heels feature. Sum to 15 is when the value of a selection of two to five cards equals exactly 15, at which point you will be awarded 2 points. A Straight is when the cards in a given hand has at least identically ranked cards in a row, at which point you can receive up to 5 points. A Flush is when all of the cards in your hand are of the same suit, excluding the crib card—this awards up to 5 points. A Pair is when at least 2 cards have identical numbers—this awards up to 12 points! For His Heels is when the Crib Card is a Jack, at which point the dealer is awarded 2 points.

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