Mongoose Casino – About Us

Drawing our inspiration from the ancient Tibetan concept of Feng Shui and the symbolic significance of the Mongoose, we welcome you to Mongoose Casino.


What is Mongoose Casino?

Mongoose Casino is an online casino that offers a variety of high-quality casino games that may be played in a no-download, instant-play format using different platforms to ensure convenient user experience

Mongoose Casino is an international casino that attracts casino enthusiasts from all over the world and accepts a wide variety of banking methods and currency options. Moreover, players will have over 500 high-quality online casino games that are diverse enough to satisfy the preferences of any player, as well as exquisite bonuses that ensure that players get their money’s worth.

Fully licensed under the UK Gambling Commission, Mongoose Casino upholds all the standards required by UKGC in terms of fairness and trust, security, transparency in operations and responsible gaming.

All of our facilities are tied closely together and uphold the highest security standards to ensure that all players’ information is kept safe and that all transactions are kept secure and that all casino games operate fairly.

Mongoose Casino offers a massive game library filled with slot games, card games such as online blackjack, table games such as roulette, heavy favourites such as video poker and other games including scratch cards, bingo, baccarat, arcade games and online keno. Should players experience any difficulties or have any concerns, Mongoose Casino has a dedicated customer support team that is on constant standby to ensure that players have a fun and seamless gaming experience here at Mongoose Casino.

Mongoose Casino Mobile

As another plus for player convenience, Mongoose Casino offers its services on mobile and tablet devices through Mongoose Casino mobile. On Mongoose Casino mobile, players may perform all of the main site functions such as register, deposit, claim bonuses, withdraw winning and enjoy high quality casino games. For more information on Mongoose Casino mobile, click here.

So Why a Mongoose?

With a storied history in Tibetan Buddhism as an animal that symbolizes money and wealth, the mongoose is doubly appropriate mascot for our casino. Eastern philosophy has long ushered in much fascination from the rest of the world, and one concept that has gained much interest is that of Feng Shui, which recognizes the mongoose as a powerful animal that attracts luck, wealth, prosperity and happiness. Below we sum up the essential aura of Mongoose Casino.


Keeping in mind the historical weight behind the mongoose as a powerful symbol of wealth, luck, fairness and prosperity, our hope is that Mongoose Casino will share in the same symbolic association. There is a traditional statue of a mother Mongoose resting contently atop a pile of coins and her offspring surround her—we idealize this image as one that perfectly represents the concept of Mongoose Casino. Thus, we have chosen the Mongoose as the mascot of our casino.