Our Business and Vision

Mongoose Casino was established in 2012 and isoperater by Rock Interactive Ltd. Relocated to Malta, a hotspot of online gaming, we at Mongoose Casino aim to provide our players with the most thrilling and immersive online casino gaming experience possible. We have teams scattered from Australia to Europe, and always stay on top of the latest developments and trends in the online gaming industry.


Our Mission

Our ultimate aim is to become the premier online casino in the online gaming industry and we constantly maintain a transparent and secure approach to how we operate, with our players as our first priority. You may find out more information on our responsible gaming policies here.

You can check out some of our customer feedback and testimonials here.

Our Brand Values

We seek to embody each of the values mentioned below in every facet of our brand and business. We recognize that each of these values are of paramount importance and form the very foundation of our ability to deliver an online casino experience like no other; and as such, we constantly strive to master each value.

  • Excellence

  • Integrity

  • Responsible Gaming

  • Clarity

  • Passion

  • Individuality

  • Style

  • Entertainment

  • Luck

Bringing a luck of wealth and fortune to gaming

The Mongoose has had a storied history in the annals of Chinese culture as a symbol of luck and prosperity, in association with the Chinese belief of Feng Shui. Our ultimate vision is to offer players a seamless gaming experience with fantastic bonuses and promotions.

This is commensurate with our overall vision of becoming a market leader within the online casino industry, offering players an innovative and thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience.